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Ciao, grazie, grazie for the apple app. I dont get to my computer alot. I have all the lesson downloaded on my ipod and I print out the sheets, so I dont get to use the practice sessions much. but now with the app I can get the full benefits of the Rocket course. One thing I have noticed though, I did some work (on my phone) that should have earned me some badge points but they don"t seem to have registered. Is this just teething problems? Thanks again for all the improvements and the apps making learning easier and enjoyable. Fran N


Ciao Fran, I've forwarded your message to our Rocket Italian Customer Service adn they will get back to you as soon as possible. Many Thanks Ciao


Hi Fran N, Thanks for your post. Please note that it can sometimes take a while for the points you earn to be processed. Please check again and if you're still not seeing any progress, email the support team for more info. Thanks again!


Grazie mille Fran :-)

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