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Just curious on how others approach the lessons.  Do you listen to all the audio lessons in each module first and then move on to language&culture? Or do do you go back and forth between the two?  Thanks


I suggest you do them in pairs. Usually, a language&culture lesson highlights and explains points made in the neighboring audio lesson.


Hi Anthony,

I mix them up a bit as I do a lot of my lessons when I'm on a train commuting, and so of course can't do anything speaking then. So I do the listening, write and quiz ones on the train, and then mix up the rest of them and the language & culture at home & on weekends. 

I actually went through all three levels really quickly at the beginning of the year, maybe 3 months for all of them, then realised how little I'd learned when I went to Italy, so I went back to the start and am doing them much more slowly now. 

I also use the flashcards all the time, and keep on going back and reviewing all the earlier lessons.


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