Audio not working


Have just updated to flashplayer 18 now I can't hear the audio there is no wave pattern, but I can record and hear my voice and there is a wave pattern on playback. I have my privacy settings set at allow and remember. I have tried disabling the flashplayer as I use chrome but then RL says I need flahplayer to play audio files


All of a sudden, in the middle of the afternoon yesterday, my audio also stopped working.  I have not changed systems and it does not work on either Chrome or IE Explorer.  So, I think Rocket Languages broke something.

marieg-rocket languages

Hi guys,

We have been receiving feedback about the audio not working on the tutor's side for Chrome users; it seems to be an issue with Chrome's Flash; the problem has been reported and we're working on it. Usually changing the browser resolves the issue (including IE) but, you can also try using Chrome and disabling Chrome's Flash; here's a tutorial on how to do it:



I just had this problem happen. Using the Chrome browser, audio all of a sudden stopped working. I was recording (I could play it back) but it was like it was not being transmitted. I rebooted and it didn't fix it. I tried another browser and it didn't fix it. I finally went to chrome://plugins, went to the flash plugin, disabled it and then enabled it. That seemed to fix the problem for me. I am just reporting this in case it helps anyone else

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