Benchmark Test


Took the Benchmark Test for the first time since switching to the new site. I think it might be a little buggy.

Mainly, there was a LOT of repetition. Question 1 would be a “Hear It Say It” whose answer was “ir a…”. Question 2 would then be a “Write It” for “ir a…”, followed by Question 3, a “Know It” for “ir a…”. Then, Questions 4, 5, 6, and 7 would all be repeats, in arbitrary order, of questions 1, 2, and 3. Seven questions in a row for “ir a…” seems a bit excessive. And then, after five “Quiz” type questions, I'd get another set of repetitions, a bunch of “Hear/Write/Know It”s all on the exact same phrase. And so on like that, for at least 55 questions.

Also worth mentioning, there were no context tags. I got a “Know It” with the English phrase “You came”, but there was no tag to indicate whether the answer was “tu viniste”, “usted vino”, “ustedes vinieron”, or “vosotros/as vinisteis”. Then, of course, I got the same phrase six more times in a row as “Hear/Know/Write” questions, as mentioned above.

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