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Better Interactiveness and more visually pleasing


Love Rocket Italian Premium Plus. It would be a lot more fun doing the lessons if the interactive menu was set up more like Italian Premium where the user can see the words and pictures and match them. This would hold my attention a lot more. The lessons seem tedious otherwise. Also, for the next edition, you may want to take a page out of Fluenz Italian and Tell Me More Italian. Fluez software is beautiful and more fun to use. It imerses the user into the Italian scenery and the live teacher on screen going through the lesson is an awsome selling point. Rocket Italian is a little boring. Tell me More Italian has a cool feature at the end it puts the user into a scene from an Italian TV show or movie and the user has to play the part of a character and respond in Italian. A LOT OF FUN!!! Just something to think about.


Ciao Steve Italia, I'm glad you are enjoying Rocket Italian Premium Plus. Your suggestions regarding the possibility to add more interactiveness is very valuable to us. I'll pass your idea to our Development Team to see what they think. Thanks again and all the best for your Italian leaning. A presto! :D

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