Bug Fix Request - Blank Flashcards




My flashcards are blank on one side. I think this happened when I tried to reverse the English/Italian on the flashcards. 

I have some screenshots attached. 

I have tried other modules, resetting the cards, even doing a new lesson for the first time, the side where the english should be is blank. 

Thanks for looking into this, and please reach out if you need assistance recreating the problem.




I was able to fix it, only by going into the android app, which does not yet have this new UI, and select English. That fixed it on all my devices.

Still, this is a bug that should be looked at. 

Thank you for your time, 





I went though my steps, and was able to recreate, and fix, the problem. I will try to notate it here. 

Please let me know if you want screenshots. 


1. In whatever flashcard you are in, press the gear, and mark Italian, press confirm.

2. You will see the italian and english on one side.

3. What would be the English side is blank.

4. Go into the android app, on this same card, it show Italian and English on one side.

5. What would be the English side is blank.

6. This only “Front of Card” option is Italian.


1. In the Rocket Lanuages app, go to an entirely different lesson number.

2. You will see the english and italian on one side.

3. Select English

4. The problem is resolved.



Hi James,


Thanks so much for sending this through to us., it's sincerely appreciated. I will forward the information to the IT team for looking into ASAP.


Thanks again! All the best with your language learning.

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