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Did Rocket the Italian Lessons format get changed since yesterday? I have not seen an announcement about it any where.

I was gone for a while and when I came bak a few days ago, I found a number of round things called Modules, which had some more work to get done, added at the bottom of both my Italian Premium and Italian Premium Plus. I started doing them. The night before last night when I stopped I had several to go. Today when I came back, I found the Round Modules were gone, and not only that. The whole format had changed. The lessons that were all arranged in grounps, that changed to green when you finished, were gone too. The whole format looks different than it did a couple of days ago.

Now a whole lesson is called a module. Most of mine say 100, but when I click them some of the different parts have a check on them, which I figure are completed ones, and others have no check. I only see this after clicking each one of the modules.

 It was easy for me to tell what was finished when things were changed to green when completed. Now I am so confused. I am not sure what is finished and what is not. Righ now, I am opening each one to check to see if I can figure out what is going on.




Personally I think the changes are horrible.  The software is supposed to monitor your speech, but it invites all kinds of things.  I've even had native Italians speak into it and their words were also misidentified.  I wish I could turn it off or revert.




Hi em21, 

Our apologies for any confusion caused. On top of posting about it in the Rocket News section, we also sent an email out to all our members regarding the 2016 before the release date - it may have been sent to your spam mail or maybe you have unsubscribed from our emails? 

I would recommend watching this video to familiarize yourself with the new layout:

If you need any help, please contact us at "" for assistance. I hope that's useful!


Hi Deborah, 

I'm sorry to hear that you aren't enjoying the new update. Please see a message from our CEO here:

That should explain better why we moved to a new system. I hope that helps!

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