Check my translation per favore.


Just review Language & Culture lesson 2:11 and came across a little exercise of translating Can you ... Thought I would translate and get someone to check if I was right as the lesson never gives the answers. Can you open the window for me? Mi puo aprire la finestra? or Mi puo aprire la finestra, per mi? Can you close the door for me? - Mi puo chiudere la porta (per mi)? Etc


hi bob the first is correct in both your answers. You do not need the (per mi) at the end because you have already said it in your sentence. Mi (for me) puo (can you) aprire la finestra. For me can you open the window Hope this is of some help


Ciao a tutti, the correct translation is : "Mi puo' aprire la finestra?" or "Mi puoi aprire la finestra?" (you can also simply say "mi apre la finestra?" or "mi apri la finestra?") I hope this helps Ciao

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