conversation 4.5 countryside

Hi, Just wondering why it isn't possible to listen to just the conversation in lesson 4.5. With the lessons up to that point it is an option but with this one I always have to listen to the complete audio lesson. Will the conversation be added to this one? Loving this course! Thanks Karen


Non lo so. Forse un errore. Ciao Karen Filippo

Ciao Filippo, grazie mille.


Non c'e di che!!! In bocca al lupo con la sua Italiano. A presto FIl


hi Karen, I've forwarded your message to the Rocket Italian Technical Support Team and they will look into it. I hope you are enjoying the course. ciao

Thanks Maria. I love the course. It's the best course I've done so far and the one I'm sticking with :)


I am so glad to write tjhis short comment...I think that for all the latin people,the Italian Language must be very easy for the charateristics of this latin languages.Very soon I will try to interactuate with you,very fine and interesting people.thanks a lot.\ Pedro jose Pena Medina,,,Matamoros,Tamaulipas,,,Mexicoi


Ciao Pedro, feel free to use the forum as much as you can. Interact with other students is one of the best ways to improve the language. Have fun ! Ciao


boun giorno maria, why i couldn"t listen audio lesson conversation anymore, please help me. grazie mille


ciao susien, sorry for the delay in my reply. I've already forwarded your message to our technical support team. They will get in contact with you as soon as possible. Thanks Ciao

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