Conversation transcripts


Help, It seems with the new update, I can no longer download pdf files of the Conversation Transcripts. Has this feature been moved or eliminated?


Ciao Don, I've forwarded your post to our Rocket Italian Technical Support Team. Ciao


Hi Don, Thanks for your question. The PDFs were missing from the course for a short time after the release of the 2014 Edition. As you've probably noticed, they have been added back to the lessons. We got lots of emails asking where they'd gone, so it's great to know that our learners find them useful. All the best!


Hi. Is anyone having problem with testing? Whenever we are supposed to get a chance to speak the app never records. I hit play over and over and nothing happens. I know my mic works because I use it with other programs. It seems to be the software which is sad because it's a really important part of the learning is to repeat it back which I can't do. We paid for this product I think we should get it working as it should.


Ciao dglspeasks, I have forwarded your inquiry to our Rocket Italian Technical support team and they will get back as soon as possible. Ciao

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