Errors on Mega Cards


Hi, I have only made it through a few dozen mega cards for beginners and have found a few errors. Most look like typos.... "the girls runs"... instead of the girl runs... etc. One of the cards has the following. The word "hall" should be "hole". These types of errors can cause confusion for those who are trying to learn the proper translation of the Italian word to English. I hope someone will go through all of the mega cards and correct the typographical errors. Thanks. Hints: Vicino = Near La pallina è vicino la buco Answers: The ball is near the hall


Ciao Colette, I apologize for the delay in my reply and for the incovenience caused. I have passed your post to our Rocket Italian Team to fix the mistakes. Thanks again for pointing it out. Please don't hesistate to contact me for any further information or doubt. I hope you are enjoying the course. Ciao

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