Grammar and culture lessons


I find that the grammar and culture lessons are very useful and i have to read it a few times to get everything. Im just wondering is it best to listen to the interactive audio lessons first and then do the grammar lessons later or whatwould be the best way of learning thanks.


こんにちは I usually listen to the audio course, than go over the corresponding grammar lesson. It helps me remember the things I have learned easier. However, everyone is different, so you should do what works for you. Hope this helped


I have a more complicated system... That I improve on as I go. With audio lessons I will daily do 2 a day: 1 new one and one that I listened to the day before. However when I get through the 5 in a lesson twice (once as new material and once as review) I then move on to the grammar sections. Since I write a daily entry on Lang-8 I tend to learn grammar lessons easier and so I'll usually do 2 a day. Except for the writing sessions as in 9.x and above there is kanji and well I simply don't have enough time to write each kanji introduced each lesson 100 times so I spread that out over a longer period of time. I know there is the option to find mnemonic devices to help you learn the kanji meaning but really I'm focusing on the "on"and "kun" so I say all the on and kun once per time I right it. By the end of it all it does stick and its more reliable in my opinion than the mnemonic device way. Like 上 for example, means up, upwards, or to go up (and sometimes can be used for "god). Has the on of ショウ、ジョウ and the kun of うえ、かみ、あ(げる)、あ(がる)、のぼ(る). That and 下 were total pains in the *** to write a hundred times as there are so many kun and on... However it worked!


Minnasan Konnichiwa! How is everyone going with their studies? It's great to hear that each one of you have found a perfect way to go through Rocket Japanese. :lol: Just as Sephiroth has suggested, there is no ONE-TRUE way, but the course tries to tie the Interactive Audio Courses with the Grammar lessons - and the Culture lessons also should relate to the Audio lessons. So, it would be good to listen to the Interactive Audio lesson - then go through the Grammar/Culture lessons - and review on what you've learned. The best way to learn a foreign language is by constantly hearing it... so, replay the Audio lessons AND Grammar audio as many times as you need to. Have fun! -Sayaka :lol:

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