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Help. I am unable to make flashcards in 2021 edition



I have emailed the help team on several occasions and still have not heard back. I am not able to make a private flashcard set on the 2021 version of Rocket Italian from my imported vocabulary. When I try, I get a red error message in the lower left hand corner of my screen.


This is really frustrating. Please help! I tried logging out and then back in and I also upgraded the operating system on my computer and that has not solved the problem.


Thank you

marieg-rocket languages

marieg-rocket languages

Hi lauren--218, 

Our apologies for the delay in getting this resolved for you; unfortunately, we were not able to replicate the issue, but our tech team has been informed of this situation so we can assist you further. 

We appreciate your patience and understanding. 

Kind Regards


Hi Marie,

You had asked me for a video of what happens on my computer when I try to make flashcards. I made the video, but was not able to attach it to this thread in the forum, so I attached it to the email you sent me on Dec 15th. I never got a response, so I'm not sure if you got the video or not. 

I hope the issue can be resolved by the tech team because my vocabulary is really backing up. I have not been able to make flashcards since November 11. Since then, I have saved a lot of vocab from various lessons, but I have not been able to test myself on it. This is beginning to really interfere with my momentum and progress. I am using the most updated version of Chrome and I have the problem even when using someone else's laptop, so I think the problem could be with my account? If anyone else is having this problem and could fix it, please let me know! :-)

In the event that this is not a fixable problem, are there any workarounds? Is there an easy way to export my saved vocab to a different program where I can make online flashcards? This is not the most desirable option, but better than nothing.


Thanks for your help.






Thank you for sending this concern to the tech team. I'm not sure what they did, but it solved my problem. I appreciate it!

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