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To save time (and reduce RSI risk!) for laptop users, could the software respond more often to keystrokes as well as to mouse or trackpad? In Hear It Say It!, for example, the user’s typical sequence, many times repeated, seems to be: 1) press “Arrow” to hear Rocket phrase, 2) press “Mic” to record user’s phrase, 3) press “Easy” etc. to confirm rating. This requires surprisingly more mousing around than is usual these days. Could not all these responses be also (but not only) more easily done by repeatedly pressing “Return” and/or “Forward” on the user’s keyboard? The on-screen buttons would remain available to, for instance, listen again to the Rocket phrase.


Hi ptabor2.
Try these.
Press P play tutor audio
Press R record yourself
 Press 1 rate as hard
             2 rate as poor
             3 rate as so-so
             4 rate as good
            5 rate as easy
Hope it helps


Also the number sequence works for the flash cards.
and press SPACE or ENTER to flip the cards


I did not know about P and R.  Thank you for pointing that out.  It is very helpful to be able to use the keyboard for a lot of these activities.


Thanks, grahame-r. That's very helpful, and I'll use these keys in future. I'm really enjoying the whole Rocket experience. Other programs, however, highlight the button for the most expected response and permit the Return key to activate it. So I still think that for a really smooth, undistracting experience the Return key would be usable for all stages of the normal "default" sequence for each type of test: e.g. 1) Listen, 2) Record, 3) Accept auto-rating. Other keys or the wandering mouse would remain available for less normal options, like listening or recording again or changing the rating.

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