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Hi all
    I have just recently purchased the complete Rocket Italian package and was wanting to understand how to best utilize the resources available so as to make best use of them. For instance, should I work through the audio lessons first and then the Language & Culture material, or do the 2 go hand in hand and intertwine with each other . I'm just after an overview of how the materials should be best utilized, as I'm just starting out and don't want to have to back track after finding issues.

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Hi LawrenceC, 

Welcome to Rocket Italian! The lessons are flexible enough to let you set the lessons you think would be more beneficial and also in the order that best fits your needs. I would advice taking the lessons in the order suggested (by following the numbers in each lesson); however, if you don't feel comfortable with that approach, you can start with a Language&Culture lesson and then take an Audio Lesson; or as you mentioned combine them. 

I hope this helps!


Hi MarieG
​     Thank you for your response. The basis for my question is that, I have started doing the first few introductory lessons, and find that there is the odd reference being made in a particular lesson, to something that might have been covered previously in another session. For example, Alex says that we should know the word for slowly (lentamente) in lesson 1.3 (At The Café) but I hadn't come across that word in previous lessons? So hence my confusion about the sequence of tackling the different lessons in a specific order.
​     LawrenceC 


In lesson 1.2 they introduce “piano” for asking someone to speak slowly. That is what Alex is referring to, not “lentamente.”


Hi LawrenceC, 

What Mary-Y11 indicated is correct :-)
Alex uses the term "piano" as "slowly". Another synonym would be the term "lentamente".

Hope this helps!


Hi Caterina
     Thank you for your input.

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