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Making sentences play in order on flashcards



Hi everyone,

I'm having a great time using Rocket Italian and am making real progress, but there's one thing I find puzzling about it. The conversation will often introduce a long sentence, which will be broken down into 2 or 3 parts, but on the flashcards, these parts are almost always presented out of order. 

For example, if a sentence is broken into three parts, I find that most often the first chunk of the sentence is presented third on all flashcarts. I think it would be easier to learn if they were presented in the correct order, and I often find myself ignoring the flashcarts and trying to learn it directly from the script as a result. 

Is this a setting I can change, or a bug? Am I the only one with this issue?


marieg-rocket languages

marieg-rocket languages

Hi Luke820, 

Thank you for your feedback on the course. The way it is set out, the phrases would come randomly when taking the tests; so it is not a setting that can be changed, or a bug, the test was created so that you can take the context of the lesson and know its meaning in the target language; the same randomness is present in the other reinforcement sections: Hear It Say It, Write It, etc. I have gone ahead and forwarded your message as feedback to our Product Development team though. 

Kind Regards!



I agree with Luke, not so much in the conversations, but in the grammar ones it would be great when they give to possible options of saying the same thing

As in Non la posso dimenticare or non posso dimenticarla.

To me that would be the logical thing to do. Especially if you could toggle back. I know that, that has been a request. To be able to go backwards in the flash cards

Or I guess you just have to do them again and again


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