Hola! I downloaded MegaSpanish software and think it is great. I see MegaVocab and MegaAudio, but where is MegaVerbs? Mega Spanish PC version File type: exe File size: 29.93 MB Click here to download this file. The Rocket Spanish Software for PC Users! Includes: -- MegaSpanish software games, which include: -- MegaVocab -- MegaAudio -- MegaVerbs Gracias!


I don't have any Megaverbs either. Maybe it is a feature they are still working on ! If you need a list of 600 verbs , you can look here: Enjoy Antonio


Hi GUys, Yes megaverbs is coming in the new version of the game... due to be released in about a month or so... look for a post under the Updates folder in this forum. Mauricio.


Woo-hoo! More toys! Thanks Mauricio!!


Thanks so much! I've downloaded the v3.0 and it does include MegaVerbs. Looks good. I really need this! Excellent. Feliz Navidad y Feliz Ano Nuevo!


Hello sir, I want to know where are the MegaVocabulary, Megaaudio and Megaverbs? Help me please, because I need to download them.


Hola Anibal The Mega Games are at the bottom of Rocket French Premium stage 2 - they will be called Mega+name of language you are studying. bueno suerte Mauricio


how do i download megagames? Thanks, Bill Baker

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