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Module 1.9, "le paste" translation



In Module 1.9, "le paste" translation shows "Pastries"? Should this be "Pasta" (plural)
Lucia - Rocket Languages Tutor

Lucia - Rocket Languages Tutor

Hi Mickyboy,

Pasta has a double meaning. It can either mean pasta as the one you use to make spaghetti, or pastry. The first meaning doesn't have a plural form, but the second one does, so whenever le paste is used, you can be sure the topic of conversation revolves around cannoli and puff pastries.

I fixed one of "le paste" translations on the page which read "pasta (plural)", as it could be confusing. I suggest you read the Culture session for that lesson, it's very interesting!

Hope this helps!



Hi Lucia

Thanks for the answer. Another colloquialism solved.

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