Moro wrong answers on tests




I was pointing out before about some tests giving wrong answers and low points because of it.
As I continued to the next test I found more conflicts
“Know it” test on Lesson: 10.8
Il ufficio di cambio
In these sentence, the speaker says the sentence, but when I write it down, I get only 50 points because it says it supposed to be something else:
This is how it goes:
The speakers says:
Vorrei spedire quatro cento Euro in America
I write: Vorrei spedire quarto cento Euro in america
When I click Revele, the answer comes out like this:
Vorre spedire quarto €100 Euro in America
Because of that I only get 50 points
This happens again with
Quanti sono cento Euro in dollar Americano
After writing my correct answer, they say it should be:
Quanti sono ceno €100 in dollari americani
And also with
Quano costa transferire cento Euro nel mio conto corrente in America
Again they say the answer shoud be;
Quanto costa trasferire €100 nel mio conto corrente in America
And I lose 50 points for this every time
Who knows what will be next, I waste lots of time figuring these things out, and possibly can flunk the tests if I don’t get enough points to make it.
Now I am working on the final test for Module 10
In the “Know it” part
It is written “We need”.
After giving the answer noi abbiamo bisogno,  and getting it wrong for the hundred time. Finally, I clicked Revel and it says the answer “Ci cervono’. This is driving me crazy. I will never finish this lesson this way. Please fix it quick?

Thanks, I am one the compulsive ones, so I try and try until I get it right. I don't like blue icons showing on my modules.




There are a few ways to express "we need", and "ci servono" is one, which is covered in lesson 10.4 extra vocabulary, which would correctly reveal the answer to module 10 as "ci servono" Hope this helps.


Well, I'll be. I missed that. Thanks a lot grahamer for pointing this out.

I still think, that since there are various ways to say the same thing, all the different ways should be accepted as correct. I guess I have run into this kind of situation before, but didn't catch this one this time.
marieg-rocket languages

marieg-rocket languages

Hi Edie, 

Yes, there seems to be an issue when numbers are involved with the feedback feature, I will forward your comments for review and correction as soon as possible. In the meantime, remember that, if you know that what you're saying is correct you can select your own rating.



I didn't know I could do that. Thanks for the info


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