Proverbs & Days / Months lesson


These two lessons shows up in my ipad app in module 4, however it is not showing in module 4 in the website. On the website it shows up in module 5 instead. Any way to fix the app so it shows correctly?


marieg-rocket languages

Thank you for letting us know Rigoletto, I have reported the issue to our Tech Support team for review and correction. 

Kind Regards!


Grazie mille! :) 

marieg-rocket languages

Hi Rigoletto, 

I have received an update from the tech support team; it seems the lessons are like that because the app is working on an old code; we are currently working on releasing a new app that has more features and is more up-to-date with the desktop version; once it is released the lessons should be automatically rearranged in the course. 

I hope this helps!


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