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purchased with full price can t get lessons


I purchased rocket italian last night the only thing i can get are lesson 2 and 1 examples. will i eventually be given a link to download the package?? is waiting part of the initial process? :|


Hi Robander! I apologize for the inconvenience. After the purchase process you should have been redirected to the Rocket Italian Learning Lounge where you can find all the different components. If this didn't happen or you don't have your login set up then please email [email protected] with your details and they will get you started. Romina Rocket Italian Team


Hi, Just wondering if audio clips in Gramma & Culture text lessons are working for you. In my case it's waiting forever for them to load and I've never seen them working, though in over lessons and tests audio clips are loading fine. I'm communicating with "support" for quite a while with no help. Thanks


Hi there, I'm sorry to hear that. Have you tried using Firefox? Some people seem to have trouble when using Internet Explorer, but it seems to work just fine in Firefox. Please let us know how you get on. Thanks


Hello, I wonder what do you mean by "Some people seem to have trouble when using Internet Explorer". What trouble you're talking about. If it's not working in Explorer (the most used browser), you have to fix it. Still want to know are audio clips in Gramma & Culture lessong working for anybody.


Hi, No, I also can't get audio clips in grammar - never have been able to. I didn't even know "those white empty boxes" were audio clips until they flashed up momentarily one day.


Hi there, it seems that some versions of Internet Explorer don't display the audio files correctly. We are working on it right now and hope to have a solution by the end of next week. In the meantime we recommend using Firefox to be able to listen to the audio files. Thank you for your patience.

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