Quizes Need Improvement.


Hi. When in the "quiz" section, after you do it once when you reset you should ask a DIFFERENT set of questions. It also would be better if they were more than 5 questions and a little more challenging.


Ciao Michelino, thank you for your post. I have passed your idea to our Rocket Italian Product Development Team to see what they think. Please feel free to post any inquiry about the course in the forum and I'll be happy to reply to you as soon as possible. All the best for your Italian learning! Ciao


Grazie, this helps alot


I have to agree that the tests at the end of the lessons do seem to be much easier than the questions in the lessons. I always seem to get 100% for the quiz but rarely get all of the answers correct in the heart of the lesson. I do think that using the rehearsal test does help.


Ciao Donald, thank you for you feedback. It's very valuable for us. I'll pass it to our Product Development team to see what they think. Please let me know if you need any help. Ciao


Yes, I agree with Michelino


Ciao Jennifer, Thank you for your post in the Rocket Italian Community. Have you tried to use the Rocket Italian Rehearsal Self Test? You will be given randomly selected questions from the lessons you chose. In order to be able to access it, please click first on “Your Motivation” link located on the left side toolbar and then on the grey toolbar called “Rocket Rehearsal Self Tests”. I hope this helps. Buon divertimento Ciao.

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