Rocket languages: does it truly work?



Hi all,

I'm particularly interested to find out from the advanced students to what extent Rocket Languages can take me to fluency.

I've been learning italian for sei mese and it's my only other language than English. I'd currently rank myself as a low intermediate (silver star master by the badge score). I can read lots, write plenty, hear and understand much less but a fair bit, and I speak very slowly while I think of what I want to say. I've found the Rocket Languages program to be excellent, and superb value. It really does seem to be working for me, although slowly. I was kind of surprised at just how hard learning another language can be, and the time I've got to devote to it to make it work (I can do around 1.5 hours/day since I commute for an hour).

So my questions to the advanced students: if you're a "hero", 100,000+ points, do you feel like you are truly fluent in Italian? Can you hold a proper conversation with someone? Did you do it completely through Rocket Italian or through something else as well?

The other service I use a lot is "News in Slow Italian" which I also find excellent, although still too advanced for me unless I devote hours to it to read, listen, re-listen, re-listen. I'd love Rocket to add some more current content in longer form, particularly for that high-beginner/low-intermediate position. It's probably the one criticism I have: that the courseware is too static.


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