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Having problems with Test 'Write It" in Lesson 14.8 of Italian Plus

The test started OK, and now I can't get any more clues to continue. When I click the arrow I get a pause tab, if I click that I get a message that says there is error and to try again. 

I have closed the program, restarted, and shut off the computer, and every time when I come back I get a couple of questions (I've gotten to question 28 that way) and then it goes back to the same thing.

I noticed this yesterday, and today is the same

Laptop with Windows 8.1, IE 11. Using Chrome for this course.

This is the same in the app in my tablet, but in that app, the recorder doesn't even work at all. I will send a different question about that. 

Any ideas of what to do?


marieg-rocket languages

marieg-rocket languages

Hi Em21, 
We apologize for any inconvenience caused. We think the issue may be related to a plugin in Chrome:

1) As a quick test to see if that's your problem, start Chrome in incognito mode with extensions disabled (ctrl+shift+n) and see if your page works now. Note that by default all extensions will be already disabled in incognito mode unless you've specifically set them to run (via chrome://extensions).

2) You can also check if it is due to the "Do Not Track Plus" Chrome Extension (version 2.0.8). When the extension is disabled, it could work.
3) Check Chrome settings:
Other ideas would be to check the Security Settings in Chrome:

a) Go to Settings, click on "Show Advanced Settings":

b) On the privacy tab, click on 'Content Settings...'  and set the options as the following:
     -> Cookies: Allow local data to be set (recommended)
     -> Images: show all images
     -> Javascript: Allow all sites to run Javascript
     -> Handlers: allow sites to ask to become default handlers for protocols
     -> Plug-ins: Detect and run important Plug-in content
     -> Pop-ups: Do not allow any sites to show pop-ups
     -> Location: ask when a site tries to track your physical location
     -> Notifications: Ask when a site wants to show notifications
     -> Microphone: Ask when a site requires access to your microphone
     -> Camera: Ask when a sute requires access to your camera
     -> Unsandboxed plug-in access: Ask when a site wants to use a plug in to access your computer
     -> Automatic downloads: Ask when a site tries to download files automatically after the first file
     -> Midi devices: ask when a site wants to use system exclusives messages to access MIDI devices

Please let us know if you continue to have the same problem

Kind Regards!


Thanks Marie
I tried all the suggestions you gave me, except for one. Everything seems to be the way it is supposed to be, but I still can get the speaker to finish giving me the clues for Test 14.8 on Italian Plus. I even did try doing it on the Incognito mode with all the extensions off, and still nothing.

I can't find the "Do not track plus" in Chrome extensions, or anywhere else in Chrome. Maybe that is only on phones or tablets?

Any more suggestions? Anybody?



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