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Selecting Only Certain Flash Cards for Review


Is is there a way to select, for example just the "Hard" or "Poor" flashcards for review so I don't have to wade through all of the cards each time I enter the program?     It is especially irritating when switching devices from phone to tablet to PC, since they do not seem to synchronize and I have to start over with the easy flash cards.
I resisted using flashcards for a while but now I am grateful for the feature, just hate to waste time.    Sorry if I am missing something obvious here!   

Additionally, I find understanding spoken Italian the most difficult part of learning and would love to initiate sequential playback of the audio from selected cards on my phone or tablet  in lieu of playing music over the car speakers while sitting at a stoplight or on long drives.     The only way I know to do that now is laborious and requires downloading "My vocab" into Anki or equivalent program for selected playback.

I really enjoy Maria and Alex and look forward to their lessons.    On day #72 and I am addicted!     Well done!

marieg-rocket languages

Hi Tekker, 

The set up on the Flashcards is designed to present you with the Flashcards you rated poorly more often than the ones you graded as "Easy"; unfortunately, there is no way to select which sets of Flashcards you can view specifically, I'm sorry. 

If you use the app on your phone or tablet, you would not be able to play the Flashcards, that could only be done through the browser, which should register the same progress as on a PC. Right now, what you do in the app is reflected on the browser but not the other way around; our IT Team is currently working on an update of the app that would allow this and that would have more features. 



Is the flashcards available on the mobile ipad app?

marieg-rocket languages

Hi Rigoletto, 

Unfortunately, it is not; you would only be able to access the Flashcards through a browser. 

Kind Regards!

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