Short for time - mainly audio okay?



I am often short for time and fall behind if I have to do the Language and Culture lessons after each audio.  Then I get frustrated.  My goal is to be "advanced conversational" in Italian, not to write.  I know grammar and writing is important, but then I know there are other courses that are audio only, the way a child learns a language.  If I listen to the audio over and over and make that my priority, will I still progress?  At the rate I am going, I will not reach my goal by July.  Thank you.


Hi Victoria, 

Many of our learners choose to use just the Audio lessons. Especially if their goal is conversational. The audio lessons include an explanation of the grammar when the conversation is broken down so you will have enough understanding to construct your own sentences.

The course offers different ways of learning but you don't have to complete everything! It's designed to be flexible so you can pick and choose according to your goals and priorities. 

I hope that helps!

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