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It would be helpful if each lesson concluded with a short story appropriate to the level of the lesson. Once you've seen the lesson sentences, there is no thinking required to translate what you are looking at - you really need a chance to play with something new to read. I may try to locate some simple books for children so that I can try some translations, but it would be great if Rocket Italian included some short text using the vocabulary we know at that lesson. It would also be helpful if there was a dictionary that kept pace with the lessons (building as the lessons progress) - unless you write down every word, it is easy to lose the meaning of some. So far, this is pretty interesting. I do like having real people explain the sentences, grammar and vocabulary. I'm not sure how I would fare with the approach taken by Rosetta. Mark B.


Hi Mark, thanks for your post and your feedback. I'm glad to hear that you enjoy learning Italian with Rocket Italian. Your idea is really good. I'll discuss it with the Product Development team to see what they think. Thanks for that and all the best for your Italian learning. ;)


Also, some word matching would be good. Something like we did in grade school where we matched words with pictures but in this case it would be matching italian words with their english counterpart. There seems to be opportunities for improvement which would ultimately make this interactive learning experience much better. Personally, I'm learning the material but am having a very difficult time retaining the vocabulary.


Ciao Jon S, Thank you for your post in the Rocket Italian Community Area. In the Rocket Italian course you can find some features which have been created to help students to practice and remember the words learned. Here they are: -“My Vocab” gives you the possibility to select words you would like to remember and save them in our personal vocabulary. All those words in your “My Vocab” list will be underlined whenever they appear in the course with the English translation and your notes. In order to be able to access it, please click on the link “My Vocab” located on the left side toolbar in the members area. -MegaItalian Games (MegaVocab, MegaAudio, MegaVerbs) are a software-based word games which can give you active feedback in real time. In order to be able to access this feature, please click first on the blue tab 7 called “MegaItalian+Extras” and then lesson 7.1 “MegaItalian Games”. Before to start using it, you will need to download the software in your comnputer. I hope this helps. Buon divertimento (Have fun) Ciao


Grazie! I've since found a lot of good guidance in the Rocket motivation center as well. Thanks again!

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