too many points


Hello I was working on a lesson and happened to see my score over 7600 I know I was not studying that much Is there anyway to drop that number by about 7450 points to give an accurate reading of my learning level. Thanks tom


ciao Tom, I've passed your message to our Rocket Italian Support Team and they will get back to you as soon as possible. Grazie


yeah it is happen especially if you are using many rocket languages it is add to each other i guess


Hi Tom, Thank you for your question. Our apologies for the trouble you have had with the number of points earned. I have spoken to a colleague in the IT team, and he will begin looking into this issue within the next few days. If you continue to have trouble, I recommend contacting the Customer Support team directly on support at rocketlanguages dot com. I hope you are enjoying your lessons! We will be in touch soon.


Anyone know what just happened to all the points? Everything is a bit topsy turvy.


Hi Jack - There was a glitch with the matrix, all should be fine now.

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