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Am undecided as to whether the travelogues are too advanced if you have not completed level one. Am almost there though. U know Chris that tou are on level 2. Have you tried them and how do you find it and if so does it dovetail with the other levels. feedback would be appreciated from other users.



Hi sebongela.  Apologies for the delay in replying, as I only just saw this. (Perhaps Rocket could consider adding a flag to users who have been tagged, e.g. @username).

I am finding that the travelogues are like anything else with languages.  In my case, I bought all three levels plus the travelogues a month or so later.  It's been my way of committing to a language course over the years, buying the full package at the outset.

At first, it was obviously way over my head. I learned enough to realise that in time, they would be of real benefit - all part of Rocket's in-depth value.  I reckon that once a user gets into level 2 as you are, that they will still be a significant stretch, but here's the benefit: that the sound and pattern of the dialogues will attune the ear to Italian in a way that is more pertinent than listening to a random YouTube video, for example.  Once well into level 2, they will add real value because they will be much better understood.

I'm pleased I bought them, and at a discount - as I see you are trying to do on another thread.  I hope that helps.  Best regards, Chris

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