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unable to use website or app on iPhone


The failures with either the website or the app are slightly different, but the result is an inability to use the mobile versions in any meaningful way:

iOS app: refuses to use the connected headset, despite every other app using the selected headset. Instead, uses built-in mic and speaker.

Mobile website using Chrome on iOS 10: When playing audio/conversations, the audio hangs and does not progress to the next step.

So far, the only reliable method to do the lessons relies on using my laptop. 

marieg-rocket languages

Hi archiebuttle, 

I am sorry to hear you are having issues with the app and the mobile application. We are expecting that with the next update on the app these issues will be resolved for the app; so please make sure the app is updated when you get the notification.

Kind Regards!


Has the next update already happened that should be fixing this?  I downloaded the app on iOS 10 last weekend and I am finding that the voice recognition does not work either.  Does work with Chrome on my mac though

marieg-rocket languages

Hi mike1871,

Yes, the app should be working again now as usual. Please try to make sure that Siri is turned ON and that you have allowed access to the app to use your microphone. 

If the problem continues, please try to uninstall and reinstall the app. 

Kind Regards!


Is there any update on when flashcards will be available in the app?

marieg-rocket languages

Hi drewster, 

You should be able to use the Flashcards in the app; something that is not available are the custom flashcards, our IT Team is looking into the possibility to add them in the app; but nothing has been informed as of yet. 

Kind Regards!


I didn't realise that flashcards were there. I just looked at the app for the first time in ages and it does look hugely improved. I almost exclusively use custom flashcards since they were added, but it's a big improvement. Thanks!

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