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So, where do I find the games and things that are supposed to supplement the lessons? Is this something that will pop up later, after I do more than a few of the early lesson plans? I can't seem to find a link for any of that. Just the lessons.


Hi Linven! Welcome to Rocket Italian Community. To access to the course you need to log in and then select the option "your course". In this way you enter in the Rocket Italian Learning Lounge. If you scroll down you should be able to see many blue tabs which contain the Interactive Audio Course lessons,the Grammar lessons and the Bonus Lessons. To access to these lessons, you just need to click on the blue tab. Then you can use the navigation buttons at the bottom to move between the different lessons. The MegaItalian Games are placed at the end on chapter no. 7. Clicking the navigator button, you will be able to open the lesson and find the link to download the file. I hope that helps. If you still have some doubts, alternatively you can click on the star shaped button named "Take a Tour" when you first log in to watch a video tour on how to find your way around the Rocket Italian Learning Lounge. All the best for your Italian learning . The Rocket Italian Team

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