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What is the correct / proper way to move through the lessons?



Ciao a tutti ! I was wondering if there is a correct / proper / recommended way to move through the interactive audio lessons and language & culture lessons. For example, is it better to do one each or to finish with all the interactive lessons and then move onto the language & culture lessons? I don't think the latter is the proper way but I do not think the platform suggests which should be your next lesson, am I correct? I used to receive during the first couple of weeks emails from Maria DiLorenzi recommending the next lesson to take but I stopped receiving them. Thank you in advance for your help.
marieg-rocket languages

marieg-rocket languages

Ciao FernandoK, 

As you mentioned, we don't really have a specific way to take the lessons; generally, you can follow the numerical order in the course, so you would first take the Audio lessons, then the Language&Culture ones, and then the Survival Kit lessons. However, the site gives you the freedom to choose which lessons you should take, bypass or reinforce. Some users feel better taking the Language&Culture lessons first; or they take one audio and one L&C lesson at a time. You can play with different approaches and see which one suits you better. 

Kind Regards!

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