Where is Everything?


Hello, I'm new to the system and I'm just a little confused. When I purchased the Downloadable Rocket Italian I was under the impression that there were 31 chapters and 3 games and much much more that I can't really remember the numbers for. Where is all this stuff? Is it all under the Your Course button? Do I seriously have to download each little lesson one by one? I thought I would have one big button that would allow me to download the whole system at once. Will I have to use the internet every time I want to study my Italian? Thank you for answering my questions! I hope I don't sound too mean, I'm just a little confused and frustrated.


Hi there, welcome to the Rocket Italian Forum. I apologize for the confusion. With Rocket Italian you get access to: 31 Interactive Audio lessons 31 Grammar and Culture lessons 3 MegaGames Quizzes for each lesson as well as progress tracking Bonus Material, like the popular Rocket Role Play tracks, 10 Bonus Audio lessons on different topics as well as access to the forum. When you access the Rocket Italian Learning Lounge you will find all your Rocket Italian course material in one location. The lessons are organized in a way to make the learning process easier for you. All you have to do is go through the lessons in the same order as they appear. You don't need to download the files, you can also just listen to them online, or print the grammar lessons if you want to. It's all in one place. We have given the option of downloading the lessons separately to make it easier for people with slow internet connections. I hope that helps.


So I'm not actually downloading the program, but accessing it on-line for the most part? Lesson by lesson, one at a time? I don't really have a problem with that. It is just not what I expected. So, my payment was more for the access than anything else? But I can download each lesson as it comes? And I can go through each lesson as many times as I want? I'm just starting to try to figure this out, myself. I got a lesson via email. Is that how they will come? Or is that something separate?


Hi Linven, thank you for your post and welcome to the forum. I apologize for the confusion. As a member you get access to the Rocket Italian Learning Lounge. In the Learning Lounge you can find all the components of the Rocket Italian course. You can download all the audio lessons from the Interactive Audio Course as well as the Bonus lessons. You can also print the Grammar and Culture lessons or save them as pdf's on your computer if you prefer to work offline. You can download all the lessons now if you want, or download them as you go through the course. Your membership lasts a lifetime and you can always return to the Learning Lounge. There is no limit on how many times you can access the course. You will see that every Interactive Audio Course lesson and Grammar lesson has a quiz at the end. These quizzes only work online and are part of your personal progress tracking. You can always reset them and do them again if you are not happy with your score. You also have the option of marking lessons as complete (this can always be undone) to help you to find your way around the course and so you know what you last worked on. We have arranged the lessons in a format that we think is most beneficial for your language learning journey. You can use the easy navigation buttons at the bottom of each lesson to get to the next recommended lesson. You also receive the Grammar lesson via email. They are the same as the lessons in the Learning Lounge and these emails function as a motivational tool to help you to get the most out of your course. I hope that helps. All the best for your Italian learning and let me know if you have any questions. Kind regards The Rocket Italian team


I am so enjoying the course


I'm glad to hear that ... and remember to keep posted ! :)


The on-line lesson format seems to have changed lately but is still good. I'm not seeing the link to the Alex-Maria conversations. Is this right? Or am I missing something? Either way, the material is nicely set out and I'm enjoying my (slow) progress through it.


Ciao Colin, our Rocket Italian Premium couse has added a lot of new interesting features lately. Once you have accessed your course,please click on "your course" link. Some blue tabs will appear. if you click on the first one, you will find the Interactive audio course lessons as well as the grammar lessons. If you are looking for the all conversations audio lessons between Alex and Maria, please click on lesson 7.2 . Please let me know if you need more information. ciao


Your pictures in the Grammar sections are obscuring the text.


Hi Hilary I get that sometimes, I have found that if you click the culture box on the right and then click back it corrects itself. Hope that works for you


Ciao Hillary, I've forwarded your message to our Rocket Italian Technical Support and they will get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks for letting us know. Have a lovely day. Have fun!


Hi Hilary & Grahame, I'm sorry to hear you are having problems with the pictures in your Language & Culture. Have you had this problem with any lesson in particular? Please try using a different browser to see if you are still having this problem. We recommend using Google Chrome, which you can download for free here: http://www.google.com/chrome If you are still having this problem with Chrome, please let us know! You can contact us via the Feedback button in each lesson. Regards, The Rocket Languages team


how do i get technical support from someone that is live. i have tried to download lessons on my cp so i could put them on my mp3 player. i have spent hours trying to get this done. not very good with cp. i seem to run into roadblocks in every direction. can someone help thanks


Hi Larry, I'll pass you message to our Rocket Italian Support which will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience. Ciao


First time on the site. Where is the Learning Lounge? Where are the interactive lessons?


Hi John, Once you access your account, automatically you enter in the Rocket Learning Lounge. With the new updated version of Rocket Italian, on the top of the screen you will notice few tabs: interactive audio lessons, language and culture lessons, survival kit and games You just need to click on the tab and you will be able to see all the lessons and either scroll down the page and all lessons will appear. Please let me know if you need any help. Enjoy the course. ciao


Ciao --

How come the Rocket Italian Megagames are not my my dashboard?  I seem to need to search for them?  Or, are they already incorporated into the lessons?  Even though I initially purchased the first Italian course six years ago and then the premium course 3 years ago, I am just now starting to really get into the learning mode.


Megagames were removed when Rocket Languages ditched Flash and moved the HTML5.  The old code apparently did not port.  The good thing is that they added Flashcards.



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