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Have to get on my soap box once again. At least for the New Year. Wondered why all the exercises have more points than the writing ones, as to me they take more time and effort than speaking and repeating. I get that flash cards are quick and don't require effort, but writing takes me forever. How about an adjustment for that, Jason.

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marieg-rocket languages

Hi sebongela, 

This is mainly due to the way the points system is set up; the system gives you 1 point for listening to audio, and 2 for recording. Since in Write It you listen to audio and then you type your answer, there is only 1 point given; however, if you decide to also record the phrase (and practice your pronunciation a bit more), you'd get a total of 3 points per phrase, so it would be a higher overall than Hear It Say It or Know It. 

You can find out more details about the points system in our Help page:


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