Wrong answers to questions in tests


First of all, why can I copy/paste in here? I write my questions in Word as I come across them so I don't forget them, but when I try to copy them here, I can.

Class: Italian Premium Plus
Lesson 10.7
Test: "Write it"

When you get to the number 4 sentence at the bottom of the test, the tutor says: Maria te la da". When I write that down and click "Revele" I get a big old 0. I tells me that the sentence is supposed to be "Roberto legge il giornalle a Isabella". If I click the arrow for the speaker, it tells me the Maria sentence, but the response written above that is the Roberto sentence.

The same thing happen in the "Know it" test
Here it was on the sentence on number 11 of the test, but the sentences with the problem were the same ones as the ones in the "Write it" test.

And when you get to the last sentence of this test, I could not even say anything. The speak time on the mic was about one second, and the time was up.

I had a hard time with these 2 tests and the mic, bu I finally got through it. It is amazing the stuff they come up with when I say something to it. I speak English, but I am hispanic and Spanish is my first language, so my Italian diction is not real bad, but that thing sure doesn't get what I am saying, very  easily. Also, the things it says, sometimes, I have to guess because they are really not always very clear.

Thank you. Just wanted to inform you about the glitches with wrong answers to the questions so they can get fixed for other students.



marieg-rocket languages

Hi Eric,

Thank you for pointing out the error that you found in this lesson, you are right. I have forwarded your message to the Rocket Italian team and they will correct any mistakes ASAP.



Thank you Eric, or should I say Gracias. Looks like you are in Rocket Spanish?

You know anything about copy and paste in this forum?



marieg-rocket languages

Hi Eric! 

Well, copy/paste works OK for me; are you having trouble pasting information? I usually use Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V... Or using the right-click options... 




Great Eric, the copy/paste wasn't  working for me, but now I tried Ctrl C and Wammo! id did work...

But then, I went and tried copy/paste again, and it is working now. Don't know what happened, but I am glad I can use this option now.

Thanks for answering



marieg-rocket languages

Not a problem! I'm glad to hear the problem was fixed! 

Kind Regards!


Ifound the same in Rocket Italian.
In the first test one of the answers was incorrect because I gave a feminine ending but the English word given was one word which could be either masculine or feminine.
I suspect the word was " cut and pasted" from a conversation and therefore was out of context. Very irritating, especially in the first test when you are trying so hard to be motivated.
Otherwise really enjoying the course.

marieg-rocket languages

Hi Mccainbp, 

I apologize for the inconvenience; we can certainly review the lesson and see if it has to be changed or modified; could you please tell us what word/phrase it was and the name of the lesson? 

We believe it's important that the learner gets used to ambiguity when learning another language, so often the gender and plurality of a phrase is not included in our English translations. It's about getting a feel for the language and it's structures rather than having definitive rules for everything (as often there aren't definitive rules, and there's usually always more than one way to say the same thing).

The good thing about the testing included in your course is that it's all self-rated. So if you are unsure about a translation, think of the various options, and then you can mark yourself accordingly. 

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