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Forum Rocket Italian Italian Vocab bravissimo(a), buonissimo(a) & benissimo(a)

bravissimo(a), buonissimo(a) & benissimo(a)



Not sure I understand the differences among the words bravissimo(a), buonissimo(a) & benissimo(a). Can someone help enlighten me?


Ciao Floyd, Bravissimo is superlative of bravo - skillful. Example: essere bravo a fare. to be good at doing. essere bravo in cucina - to be good at cooking. Buonissimo is superlative of buono - good Example: buono a nulla - good-for-nothing, fit for nothing Benissimo is a superlative of adverb bene. well. Bene, Meglio, Benissimo Example: Posso benissimo andarci a piedi. - I can just as easily walk. I hope this helps.


ciao a tutti, Giovanni well done I couldn't explain it better ! Grazie mille :) ciao

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