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Can anybody tell me what the difference between qui and più - eg if you want to ask is there a bank near here which one do you use?


Hi johnnorthrop549, 
Thanks for your question!
The terms "qui" and "più" have different purposes and uses.

"qui" means "here" :  if you wish to translate your sample question, you would say "C'è una banca qui vicino?"

The opposite of "qui" is "", which means "there" in a very specific way (eg. "La tua borsa è lì!" - "Your bag is there!"). 

However, you could also use "qua" and "": these have a similar meaning to "qui" and "lì" but are less specific.
For instance, you would say "Vieni qua!" ("Come here!") in order to ask someone to come closer to you, while you would say "Vieni qui!" ("Come right here!") in order to ask someone to come exactly here. In a similar way, you would say "Vai là!" ("Go there!") in order to indicate a more generic direction, while you would say "Vai lì!" ("Go right there!") in order to indicate a specific place to go. 

The term "più" could have multiple meanings depending on the sentence structure. It could either mean "more", "anymore", "most" and other slightly different terms. 

Don't hesitate to let me know should you have more questions! :) 

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