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Flash Cards



Is there a chance that the programming team could develop a "Flash Card" tool to help us better learn all those vocabulary words. There are several members such as T Henry and myself that would really utilized the cards. I'm sure there are also lots of members that haven't said anything that would also like to have the flash cards. Take a survey and let us vote yea or nay. I think you will be surprised at the response. Thanks


ciao Donald, I'm sorry for the delay in my reply but your post hasn't come up until now. The Rocket Italian includes some games which can help to improve to remember the vocabulary in the course. I'll forward your message to our product team to see what they think. Thanks again for your feedback. Ciao


Hi Donald, Thanks for your question. Please note that the Premium course does include a Flashcards game. Give it a try - hopefully you'll find it useful. Hope that helps!

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