l'abito vs il vestito



What is the difference between L'abito and il vestito. Can both be used interchangeably?



Hi sebongela, 

Another interesting question!
Depending on the context, the use of these words may vary. However, as a general rule, you would use "abito" to refer to a suit, while you would use "vestito" to refer to a dress". 

However, please note that "i vestiti" usually means clothes (general term).

In addition to this, it's good to keep into account that "abito" could also refer to a dress in very specific cases, such as "abito da sera" (night dress) or "abito da sposa" (wedding dress).

Let me know if you have more questions :) 


Thank you Caterina

I use Babbel Italian and they used abito for dress and I know that Rocket used vestito, so thank you for the explanation. I find it interesting the distinguishment to a formal dress. One doesn't always pick up those nuances from a language course, so it is great to have a language teacher, who can explain those



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