Learning Tips



The following are tips that I found very useful learning Italian using Rocket Languages:

1.  Take notes when listening to the Interactive Audio Lessons as there is a lot of information and tips provided that is not in the lesson transcript and that helped me understand the lesson and better.

2. I use google translate to break anything down that I am having trouble comprehending as I read through the transcipts.

3.  I print out each lesson and make notes that have been very helpful (I was not making notes at the beginning and having some trouble comprehending).  Taking notes is a process that vastly improved my learning and comprehension.

4.  Listen to the audio lessons while driving - great way to learn and repeat and time well spent!

5.  As already suggested - watching tv or movies in the language you are learning.

6.  Read through the Advanced Learning lessons - they include great tips which I have applied and found very beneficial.

Happy Learning!



Hi Sno-J1, 

Those are incredibly useful tips! 
I'd add...
7. Making use of the forum as much as possible to clarify possible doubts, ask plenty of questions & just do some practice! 


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