mattina mattino



Could someone clarify when to use mattino vs. mattino.

Does it depend on whether the speaker is male or female?



Hi Sebongela, 

That's a very interesting question.
Although they have a similar meaning, 'mattina' is definitely the most common term used.

For instance, you would say "domani mattina vengo a trovarti." (I'll come visit you tomorrow morning) rather than "domani mattino vengo a trovarti."
Or again, "c'è stato un incidente questa mattina." (there was an accident this morning) and not "c'è stato un incidente questo mattino."

In other cases (not many!), they could be interchangeable:
you could say "io mi alleno la mattina." (I work out in the morning) as well as "io mi alleno al mattino."

Hope this helps :)

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