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Valerie June

Valerie June

I am a newcomer to Rocket Italian. In the first two lessons (1.00 and 1.01, I have done the Play It! section at the end 4 times at Level One but it does not show that I have completed the lesson. Could you tell me what I'm missing out?
Thank You,


Hi Valerie,

Thanks for your post.  Our apologies for any confusion caused.  It sounds as though you are using either Internet Explorer or Safari to access your lessons.  Unfortunately these browsers don't include an option to record yourself while taking our lessons, which unfortunately means that the Play It test won't work well.  What happens with other browsers (Chrome/Firefox) is that Maria's lines play, and you are meant to record your own version of Alex's lines, and vice versa.  Because you are unable to record, it simply skips Alex's lines and only plays Marie's.

Do you have another browser installed on your computer that you could use to access your lessons?  If so, please give that a try.  Let us know if you have any further trouble.

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