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Use of delle and alle when using time



In lesson 6.7, in the phase,"prendo il volo delle sei", why is "delle" used instead of "alle"?


Hi AR--9, 

Thanks for your question!
Let me start by saying that "il volo alle sei" would be absolutely correct (literally: the flight at six). In lesson 6.7, the speaker says "il volo delle sei". This could be literally translated as "the flight of six", meaning that is the flight "of that hour", leaving at that specific time. 
It is often used with means of transport regularly leaving at very specific times, such as buses or trains. In fact, you could say "prendo il treno delle 8 per andare a scuola" ("I take the train at 8am to go to school"). This implies that there are trains perhaps leaving earlier and later than the 8am one, and that everyday there is a train at 8am. 

To sum it up: "prendo il volo delle sei" is equivalent to "prendo il volo alle sei", although I find it to be used more often with trains and buses.

Hope this clarifies, let me know if I can help you further! :)

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