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Use of metterò as "I will take"



I looked up mettere in Word Reference and cannot find it used as to take.  The definition is “to put”.  Is its usage as “to take” in the lesson at the post office an idiomatic phrase?



Hi SusanR56, 

Thanks for your question! I've also checked WordReference and, indeed, it doesn't list "mettere" as one of the options.

However, one of its meanings is "to take" (as in duration) - it could be used to indicate the time required by a person or a thing to commit a specific task.

E.g. Ci metterò un'ora! (It will take me one hour!)

Please note that the verb, in this case, needs to agree with the subject (the person carrying out the task, "I" in this case).

Hope this helps, please let me know if you have more questions! :) 

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