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Forum Rocket Italian Italian Vocab What is the difference between Camera and Stanza?

What is the difference between Camera and Stanza?



What is the difference between Camera and Stanza?

For instance, I know Camera di Letto = Bedroom. Would Stanza di Letto also work?

How do I know the instances I use either? Or are they interchangeable?

Thank you!



Hi James, 

Thanks for your question :) 

In Italian, we have two somehow similar terms: "Stanza" and "Camera".

"Stanza" is the generic term to refer to any type of room of the house (except for the bathroom). 

For instance, I could say "La mia casa ha 6 stanze" (my house has 6 rooms) to indicate how many rooms there are in my house.

Usually, this term is used on its own. 

Where can I put my luggage? You can leave it in this room.
Dove posso mettere la mia valigia? Puoi lasciarla in questa stanza.

I painted the walls of this room on my own.
Ho dipinto i muri di questa stanza da sola.

Camera is used to refer to bedroom. You will rarely hear someone say "camera da letto" - it's usually abbreviated to "camera".

Please note that while you could say "stanza" instead of "camera" when you refer to a bedroom, you cannot use "camera" to refer to other rooms of the house.

La mia stanza è piccola. = My bedroom is tiny.
La mia camera è piccola. = My bedroom is tiny.

Questa stanza della casa è piccola. = This room of the house is tiny.
Questa camera della casa è piccola. = This bedroom of the hous is tiny.

Hope this helps :) 


Hi Caterina

Was wondering about that. Well explained and with great clarity.

Not sure if in English one can say “My room” and it is understood to be your bedroom. In South African English that is the case. Or  you can use my bedroom. 

THe idiosincrasies of language never ceases to amaze me. 



Grazie, Caterina! Buon consiglio.

With that being said, 5.1 My Apartment In Rome


camera da letto


Isn't wrong, just rare. Like, I would be understood, but people would know I'm not native



Hi sebongela, 

I totally agree, languages are just incredibly fascinating!

Hi James, 

Thanks for your comment! Indeed, in that example "camera da letto" is definitely not wrong. However, in an informal real-life context (e.g. when you have friends over and you wish to show them around the house) you would usually just say "questa è la mia camera" (this is my bedroom) instead of the extended version "questa è la mia camera da letto" :)


Hi Caterina,

Thank you for your response! Understood :)


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