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Forum Rocket Italian Italian Vocab Where can I find 'My vocab'

Where can I find 'My vocab'



Hello! I have used all the three levels of Spanish, and last time was in june 2012. Since then there has been a lot of updates. Now I have bought all the three levels of Italian and it's going great so far after the first day. I am saving new words so that I can remember them, but I can't find 'my vocab'? Please help ;)


Hi martin If you click on 'my toolbox' which is on the left side of your screen under 'my forum' you will find 'my vocab' along with some others hopethis helps


Ciao a tutti, in order to be able to access "my vocab" function you will need to access your account. On the left side of the page, you will find a "my toolbox" link. Please link on the link and you will get access to a page where you can find it. I hop this helps. Ciao

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