Confusing interpretation


I am visiting Japan in April for 16 days and attempting to get though the course as quickly as possible simply to have some fun and enjoy meeting the Japanese people. I'm confused by lesson 2.2. The phrase "shashin o totte mo ii desu ka?" is interpreted as "is it alright to take photos here?" but also as "Could you gake a photo for me? How is this subtle change in meaning recogonised?


"shashin o totte mo ii desu ka?" means "Is it alright to take photos", literally "photos taking good is it?". "shashin o totte *moratte* mo ii desu ka?" means "could you take a photo of me?". Literally, "photo taking (my) receiving (of) good is it?". You probably misread the transcripts. The inclusion of "moratte" (from morau, to recieve) suggests that you are the receiver of the action, and hence is asking for something to be done for you. The other vocabulary: shashin: photo totte: taking (from "toru", to take) moratte: recieving (from morau, to recieve) ii: good (yoi) desu: is/are (polite copula) o: object marker ka: question marker Lesson 2.7 deals with these sentence structures. Check them out.


Thank you Pascal. You are spot on. I did misread the transcripts and realized this when reading 2.7. Your intervention is very much appreciated.


No problem. Enjoy your trip :)


i wish i could go to japan some day i am going to live in japan


i am going to live in japan someday thats why i am studying japanese


Thanks. The explanation for Emlyn was what was also troubling me.


Konban wa: Dare ka imasu ka? Tomodachi o tsukuritain desu. (but I can barely understand what I just wrote!) LOL! I like to blog and promote e products and have a keen interest in Japan and the culture and language. Will be checking in from time to time...Ja ne..


Thanks for clearing that up. Emlyn, that was troubling me too.

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