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No 食べ歩き ( tabe-aruki ) in Kamakura


Today I learned a new phrase, 食べ歩き ( tabe-aruki, "eating while walking" ), though it appears to be viewed as a negative thing. An ordinance banning it passed a few months ago in Kamakura. I wonder if travelers are complying?



It can be used with most sentences and is a fairly common use of words

買って行く buy and go
持って行く take with
持って来る bring with
食べて行く eat and go

I was studying the above more recently for my N4 test in July and just looking at the makeup of the words it is easy to see the similarities.

The word itself may not mean a bad thing but in relation to a certain circumstance or situation it could be a bad thing so it is probably a good word to know.


I found another video that talks about 食べ歩き ( tabe-aruki)  more in-depth:

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