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Programs that take you to Japan


Hi, everyone. I'm new to Rocket Japanese, as well as to studying the Japanese language, and have been looking for ways to go to Japan as cheaply as possible. I've looked into JET, but I don't feel that I could do that because I have a stutter that inhibits me from talking in front of groups of people. I am, however, usually fine with talking one on one, or with only a few people at the most. I'm fresh out of college, and right now my life is centered around saving money and learning the language, but I would love to go to Japan sooner rather than later. My first plan was to wait until I had sufficient knowledge of the language and the money to get me there, but recently I have begun looking into programs that pay for housing etc., in exchange for something. Like I said, I'm not too good speaking in front of large groups of people, but I am a hard worker and have a bachelors degree in food science. Does anyone know of any programs that are similar to JET? Many thanks to any who can help.


こんにちは! hmmm. There used to be a program by the NOVA group, but they went bankrupt, and I cant think of any more at the moment. However this site has lots fo information regarding jobs available to foreigners, so you could have a look int that. Considering you're now out of college, you could perhaps do further studies in Japan if you apply for a MEXT scholarship, which gives you a monthly allowance of 150000yen, and covers all tuition fees. (I'm personally looking into an undergrad scholarship). In your case, if you were to apply for the postgrad scholarship, you wouldn't even need ANY knowledge of japanese. They'll put you in an intensive japanese program. My Chemistry teacher studied organic chemistry at university on a postgrad MEXt scholarship. He told me about how he had to learn hiragana in a day, so it must be quit intensive. Without a doubt though, JET is the most appealing. JET also offers the position of Coordinator for International Relations, so you would be teaching large classes of children. You would be receiving international guests, editing and producing pamphlets in English and Japanese and Advising and Planning international exchange programs. However, about 10% of all JET participants are CIR's, so its probably not the easiest to apply for. Much of the appeal for JET lies in its relatively low working hours, and very high pay. Just mentioning this because it might mean not all hope is lost ;) I wish you luck! I wanna go too.... :/


I currently work in Japan through a company called Amity, it is a subset of the AEON corporation (one of the largest eikaiwa, private English school). Amity is focused on teaching younger children, the majority of my students are under ten years old, but I teach students anywhere from 6 months old to adults. As an employee of Amity I am payed well, housing was already arranged for me previous to arriving in Japan, but the work hours are intense and I had to pay for my airplane ticket to Japan. Some other well know organizations are: ECC - eikaiwa AEON - eikaiwa Interac - ALT (you teach in the public schools) I hope this information is useful for you. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask ^ ^


Thanks for listing those. I'll keep them in mind for the future. それを言ってくれてありがとう。将来のために、覚えてるよ!


While NOVA did go bankrupt, it was started up again under "new management," per se. It's not the same 'ole NOVA as pre-bankrupt organization. I wish I could remember the teacher's YouTube channel that has information on this, but she was very adamant that NOVA is back, but under different corporate ownership and leadership. If that is something you are interested in, do some searches online about it and I'm sure it'll turn up some new information for you. Hope this helps.

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