2.3 quiz question—is it correct?


One of the quiz questions for module 2.3 is:
   "Nihongo o hanashimasu" translates as "I speak Japanese", how would you say "I CAN speak Japanese"?

The multiple choice answers are:
  - Nihongo o hanase masu. ( this is the correct answer)
  - Nihongo o hanashitai desu.
  - Nihongo o hanasō.
  - Nihongo o hanasa nai desu.

This topic was covered in module 1.9 (What you are Able To Do) and we were taught
にほんご  はなせます。/ I can speak Japanese.

My questions is, is the quiz correct and the particle can be used in place of ? Or is the particle wrong in the multiple choice?


Hi there,

You can use both, and you do hear both being used in Japan. However, it is said that "Nihongo ga hanasemasu" is more natural sounding.

I hope that helps!



Thank you Crystal. (^^)b

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